Tuesday 1 September 2015

Freiburg, Germany

We have crossed the Rhine and our now officially in Germany - our first ever visit. Our campsite is just outside the town of Freiburg, and it is possibly the most efficient place that we have ever stayed in.
We arrived quite early and a man showed us to a tiny pitch and then shoe horned us into it with lots of hand signals. We are backed within two inches of a wall and the front of our van is almost on the road.
The whole campsite is packed solid and any tiny gaps are filled with campers in tents.
This is quite a contrast to France yesterday, where at the last site we had a huge space with a big tree for shade one side, a row of sunflowers on the other and a big grassy area for sunbathing.
Anyway, we walked into Freiburg which was nice, but not exciting. It had a big gate into the town, but I thought that the big McDonald's sign on the next door building spoilt the look a bit.
Nice church, market and quaint streets.
Probably the best thing that happened today was that we got back to the van just before it poured down with rain.

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