Saturday 19 September 2015

Bike tour of Munich

Here I am with Tom Cruise in a scene from 'Mission Impossible'. If that sounds a bit unlikely then read on.
The BMW Welt is an 'exhibition and discovery centre', and is a free attraction next to the real museum. It is housed inside a massive steel and glass building, with lots of cars,  bikes and things to explore.
BMW supplied the vehicles for the latest Tom Cruise movie and they had set up a scene, from the film, including lights, directors chair, bikes and backdrop. I think I fit in pretty well and I don't think that Tom will catch me.
The discovery centre was so interesting that we spent ages there and I was 'all carred out', so we didn't even go to the actual museum.
Right next door is the Olympic Stadium which housed the 1972 Games. It is like a smaller, and more dated version of the London site at Stratford, and it is on a scenic site with a lake.
Next we cycled back through the city centre and made a quick visit to the Asamkirche. It is a small church in the middle of a long row quite anonymous buildings, but the inside is incredibly ornate and over the top.
Finally, we stopped at the Victoalienmarkt - a huge food and drinks market - where we chose strawberry and dark chocolate kebabs. They may well have been the nicest thing that I have ever eaten.

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