Friday 2 March 2018

Hoi An

We set off in the daylight today to explore Hoi An. It is as pretty as I remember and is full of beautiful old buildings, lots of flowers and thousands of lanterns. 
We came here in 2011 with Margs and Dave and it has definitely got a lot busier and more touristy since then, although you can still buy a glass of fresh beer for 12 pence if you know where to look. 
We didn't find the right place until too late, so we look paid 24 pence in a nice little place overlooking the river, but you can't really complain about that! 
The Vietnamese currency is a bit of a problem and today we got down to our last 500,000 dong, so had to visit the cash machine. There are about 32,000 dong to £1 so everything sounds unbelievablely expensive, but is actually very reasonable and it is easy to use the wrong sized note. 
People carry everything with them on their motorbikes, and photo four is just a nice example of how to move a plant pot across the town. 

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