Saturday 17 March 2018

Bamboo bridge in Luang Prabang

We went out to explore Luang Prabang in the daylight today and just along from our hotel is a house with a very unusual wall. It is made of old fashioned deep television sets! At least I assume that it is a wall, but maybe NASA use it when they launch space shuttles.

We then followed three monks down a little path to a bamboo bridge. 

Our hotel is not in the centre of town, but is on the other side of a river and in the dry season a bridge is built to make a shortcut into town. It only lasts for about six months of each year and then it has to be taken down otherwise it would be washed away in the rainy season. 

It is a bit rickety, but very nice and it costs 50 pence which covers the cost of rebuilding it each year. 

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