Friday 23 March 2018

Sightseeing in Udon Thani

We had a lovely day today looking around the town. We are staying very near to the beautiful Nong Prajak Lake and started by feeding enormous catfish from a pedestrian suspension bridge. 
There was also a giant vase, clock and the lovely yellow ducks. 

The ducks were the only reason we came here as I saw a photo of them online. After Daz had booked the hotel I checked TripAdvisor and last week someone posted that they had gone! It was too late to cancel so we came anyway, and two baby ones have come back, but the mother duck is still missing. The duck on the left is a little deflated, but we walked past again tonight and a man in a boat was inflating it. Hopefully mum might arrive overnight. 
There are very few tourists here so we had the place almost to ourselves, so enjoyed various temples and coffee shops. 

The highlight of the trip was visiting the Chinese temple and it's beautiful gardens. There was a big language barrier, but the people were lovely. They seemed to be offering us free food, and there was an interesting museum, but best was feeding the koi carp with a baby's bottle. 

I was also very taken with a shop selling outdoor tables and chairs in the shape of animals. I would really like a duck family in my garden, but they are very heavy so would be a problem to bring home. 

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