Monday 26 March 2018

Last day of the temples

We caught a train this morning to Ayutthaya, which was the old capital of Thailand.
We are getting a bit templed out now, and have been here before in 2013, so we didn't do nearly as good a job of our visit as we did last time. 
We just went into one of the temple grounds and found the famous  face in the tree. 

It belongs to a bhudda statue that toppled over hundreds of year ago, and gradually the tree picked up the statue and incorporated it into it's trunk. 
It looks a bit scary just over my shoulder, but I think that it is a friendly bhudda so I should be okay. 
This building reminded me of a giant chess piece.... 

... and here is a more traditional statue with the head still attached. . 

We are staying in a lovely little bungalow that is sat next to a large pond, and the reception area is on stilts over the water. 

It's all very calm and peaceful. 

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