Wednesday 28 March 2018

Lumpini Park

We had a busy day today and started with a 5 kilometre run around Lumpini Park. It was really hot and humid and I was on the verge of walking, but I made it around although I looked a bit worse for wear back at the end.

After a big breakfast we walked to Jim Thompson's House, which is a lovely old house set in beautiful jungle like grounds. We were dressed quite smartly as our next appointment was afternoon tea at the Erawan Hotel. 

I booked the afternoon tea and wasn't able to find the menu online, but it was highly recommended, although apparently with Thai dishes. 
When we got there I was a bit astonished by the menu as we had no idea what it would taste like, and Darren ordered butterfly pea tea, which was a navy blue colour! 

It was a mystery meal, and one or two things were a bit challenging, but overall very nice with mango and sticky rice, and crispy rice pudding with corn or spring onions being particularly good. 
On the way back we stopped off again at Lumpini Park, this time to look for the monitor lizards. We watched a dad and his little boy throwing bread to fish in the lake when suddenly one of them appeared. The man picked up his little boy and left immediately and I think that you can see why. 

They grow to over 10 feet long and have the freedom of the park. I was trying to pose for a photo but it was too scary, although I have since looked online and apparently they just eat turtles, fish and birds. Amazing sight though. 

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