Monday 19 March 2018

Last day in Luang Prabang

We did lots of little things today, including sending another mother's day card to my mum as the one that we sent from Vietnam never arrived. The latest one is very rustic and made of elephant dung paper, so I hope it doesn't get wet on it's journey. Hope she likes it! 
We borrowed bikes from our hotel and cycled across a bridge that is only built for motorbikes and bicycles. You have to drive very carefully in a straight line and I ended up with quite a train of local people behind me every time I crossed. 

Then we went for a Lao massage where we had to wear some enormous trousers! It was quite nice though. 

Afterwards we messed up the timings to see the inside of the old Royal Palace and could only walk around the grounds. Possibly all that was necessary. 

This is a statue in the grounds of the last King of Loas who was thrown out in a communist coup in 1976,  He was sent to Northern Loas for 're-education' and was never seen again. 

We then cycled to the Unexploded Ordnance museum to hear the terrible facts about the massive number of bombs that were dropped on Laos during the Vietnam War, the huge numbers that didn't explode and the mine clearing efforts that are still going on today. 

Finally, in the evening we went out for gin sling cocktails and met two lovely Japanese boys. They took this photo and we chatted to them for ages.  

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