Thursday 1 March 2018

Vung Tau to Hoi An

We had quite an interesting start to the day as our hotel had booked us on to the 8am limousine bus from Vung Tau to the airport about two hours drive away. At 7.45am a taxi turned up for us and we assumed that it would take us to the bus station. However, we drove quite a way into the back streets as the friendly driver chatted to us, and just before 8 o'clock we stopped to pick up a Vietnamese family. 
Time was passing and we drove for a few minutes, then parked in the fast lane of a three Iane highway. Vehicles were whizzing past us, but less than a minute later our bus pulled up behind, we transferred to it and set off for the airport! 
What a great bus it was too, with large leather airline style seats and only one seat on each side of the bus. It had a wooden panelled interior with a large clock by Darren's head and at the press of a button it turned into a massage chair! All good fun for less than £6 each, although the driver's driving was a cause for concern at times and a seat belt would have been welcomed. 
The flight went well and we arrived at Hoi An this afternoon. We went out into the town after dark as it is the first full moon after Chinese New year and apparently a cause for celebration. The streets were packed and it was all very pretty on the waterfront. 
People were launching hundreds of lucky floating lanterns into the water and I thought that they would float away to the sea, but no, they were collected by a bridge and were hauled out to be carried upstream and sold again. 

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