Wednesday 14 March 2018

Blue Temple

Another day, another different coloured temple. This time it is a very nice deep blue. At the entrance was a huge blue lady

and next to her they are building her boyfriend. I often wondered what these huge statues are made of and now I know - it's concrete. 

Once past the huge gate guardians the temple was excellent, with brightly coloured dragons leading up to the entrance. 

I was very impressed with the inside and it had a very calm aura and blue lighting. I felt that I could have spent a long time just quietly contemplating life inside of it,but the only thing spoiling this idea was the big tractor digging up the ground just next door. Never mind. 

Feeling refreshed we walked back to our hotel and then to the bus station where a bus to Chiang Khong was just leaving. We are now right on the border with Laos, and our hotel has a balcony overlooking the Mekong River. 

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