Tuesday 21 September 2021

Afternoon tea

 At 3.30pm we arrived at a posh hotel for posh afternoon tea. It wasn't as posh as we had hoped and the only thing that the receptionist said to us was that we had to be out by 4.45. Then the choice of tea was either English Breakfast or nothing, but Darren liked the EB and I don't like tea, so we were fine. We can also nosh some little sandwiches and pretty cakes in less than an hour too.

I tried to look a bit smarter by putting a dress on top of my sporty day wear, but not completely successfully.

On the other hand, Darren managed to smarten up very well.

To finish off a busy day we went to the theatre in the evening to see The Prince of Egypt. I think that there was some issues with the plot, but great dancing, the female singers were great and we made it to the end.

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