Tuesday 21 September 2021

Van Gogh

We were waiting outside the National Gallery for it to open, and once inside we got quite lost wandering around many rooms of paintings. The signs were very confusing, but eventually we got to room number 43, which had the Van Gogh collection.

The place was completely deserted and we got a really close up look at his work.

Then in the afternoon, we went to the Van Gogh experience in Hyde Park. What an incredible thing it was too! We stayed for three hours and saw everything three times, but I would go back again today if we could.

It is an immersive experience and there were huge screens all around the walls and on the floor showing his puctures, as well as entries from his diary, and lovely music was playing. The pictures also moved with the sky changing and birds flying in the background. It is difficult to show, but here goes....

Eventually we left this area and obviously, found the photo opportunitys.

Van Gogh painted this picture of his bedroom and it it is one of Darren's favourite paintings. And as if by magic, here he is inside it! They had recreated the room in great detail.

Not only that, but they also had a section where you could draw it yourself.

In front of us artists was a television with a video of someone drawing, we just had to try and keep up and copy what they were doing. This is what we drew in ten minutes and we can take them home to colour in.

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