Monday 28 April 2014

Muddy weekend and a new home

Spent the weekend at the Peterborough Motorhome Show amongst thousands of other keen campers.
The weather wasn't kind and there was no electric hook up for us, so we were cold, dark and damp in our van.
The show was great though - if you like spending hours checking out other vans and gadgets - and we do.
It got us thinking that although our van is lovely, it is pretty cramped and basic.
We then found the dream new motorhome for us, and after much deliberation, and a lot of haggling we
are getting a new home.
We pick it up in the middle of June, so still have a few weeks to wait, but we have loads to keep us busy in the meantime and are off to France on Thursday.


  1. nice how many people does it transport & sleep

  2. Hi Dave pleased to see you are keeping up so promptly with the blog. It transports four people but only sleeps two. It's really cute, with a big living area and the bed drops down from the ceiling!

  3. Well it looks very pretty but it won't give our hedges a trim like the old one used to!