Monday 7 April 2014

16th wedding anniversary

Time flies and another year whizzes by, meaning that it is our 16th wedding anniversary today.
Just to prove that romance isn't dead, we went to the N Seoul Tower, as it is a special place for Korean couples.
There are heart shaped photo opportunities everywhere, menus for two in the restaurants, and a shop selling padlocks.  The idea is that couples write a message on it and then lock it to a nearby fence, 'as a token of eternal love'.
The fence is many, many metres long and it is completely covered with thousands of padlocks. There are locks on top of locks, making chains that hang down and from a distance look like beautiful flowers.
There is also a heart chair to 'strengthen bonds with your loved one'. There was quite a queue for photos there, but we got our snap - and hopefully extra bond - eventually.
Old romantics that we are, we bought two matching lime green heart shaped padlocks, but rather than leave them here, we decided instead to use them on our suitcases for the flight back to England.
Do you think that counts?


  1. happy anniversary, apparently unless you go with the list that was created by librarians in Chicago it isn't a particular one, until now and it is the gift of padlocks.