Wednesday 23 April 2014

Oakham - typically English day

Back on the road again in the campervan. It was lovely to see it again as it had been parked in a cold, wet field for the last five months. It started second time with the help of a friendly farmer, a set of jump leads and a Landrover, and seems non the worse for the experience.
We are now right in the centre of England and enjoyed a very English day.
It was cloudy, looked as if it might rain, and we passed a genuine red telephone box.  Next to it was a post box on a pole, an ancient church and thatched cottages.
It doesn't get much more English than that as we cycled on a loop of Oakham.
We also reached the shore of Rutland Water, but kept getting dive bombed by clouds of little black flies that hit us in the face and bounced loudly off our cycling helmets. I was more worried about the ones that got through the ventilation holes and ended up tangled in my hair, so we beat a hasty retreat and I am looking forward to washing my hair.

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