Sunday 6 April 2014

Seoul Olympic Park

Seoul hosted the Olympics in 1988, and we went for a stroll around the park today. As with everywhere else in Korea, the place is beautifully kept with all of the stadiums looking in great condition, and still being used.
It was a lovely sunny day and loads of local people were making the most of it, riding bikes, scooters, skates and tandems, flying kites, picnicking and just generally having a good time.
The Peace Gate, with the Olympic rings in the centre, was the entry point into the Olympics, and just after that is a huge square that flies the flags of all of the nations who competed.
The area is also a major sculpture park, and it certainly got a thumbs up from us.
Ps, you may never have thought of Korea as a holiday destination, but it is fantastic - change any plans you may have made and come to visit asap.

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