Wednesday 30 April 2014

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

As a last treat before setting off for France, we went today to the London Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. It was Darren's mums birthday so the three of us caught the lift to the top of the crazy red Orbit sculpture.
The guidebook said that the 'views are breathtaking from the 114.5 metre shimmering steel tower - Britain's largest sculpture'. I couldn't put it better myself.
The day dawned extremely foggy, but by the time we arrived the weather had cleared and the sun was out. It must have put everybody else off as the place was almost deserted, so we had vip treatment from all of the staff.
After a happy half hour enjoying the views we walked down the 351 steps of the spiral staircase. It was quite a scary experience as the steps were all made of metal with holes punched in it.  You could see all the way through to the ground, and simultaneously look above through the stairs and up to the sky.
Once back on solid ground the fountains by the Olympic Stadium were startling and relaxed on some lovely reclining benches opposite the Swimming Centre.
Finally we had a tasty Greek lunch at the Westfield Centre.

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