Thursday 30 January 2020

Empty car parking space

Thinking back to the summer, we ordered 24 pallets of bricks, and only 10 of them fitted on our plot.
The remaining 14 were put on a nearby parking space, and there they sat for a very long time.
Gradually we started having them brought round on a fork lift, and at the start of this week there was only five pallets left in the parking space.
I arranged for two pallets to be put up on to our loading bay on Monday and Trevor has been working really hard and has used all 1,100 bricks.
This afternoon we put two more pallets up, and that just leaves one pallet that is now resting in the front garden.
So the fantastic news is that the parking space is now empty.

Okay, that's not the most exciting photo ever, but we are very pleased.
In total we ordered 13,200 bricks and I think that we will have about 700 left over once we have finished.
Well I hope so anyway.

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