Thursday 23 January 2020

Temporary roof cover

Darren has finished putting the really heavy plywood roof on, the problem now is trying to keep it dry until the roofer arrives.

We have covered it all over with a huge plastic sheet, but when it rains then the water has to go somewhere.
The answer to this issue is a work of genius from Daz.
He has drilled three holes in the roof and attached bendy pipes to it so that the water runs out of the windows.
That's theory anyway, we will know for definite after the next downpour.

We also did a trial run with the last four steel beams, and have bolted them together on the floor.
Two of the beams are angled and will be attached to the top of the goal posts at the back of the house.

Our challenge today was to try to work out exactly how high Trevor needs to build his wall to rest them on. It needs to be accurate so that when we lift the beam up it fits into the holes at the top in the post.
We think that the wall should be around 2480mm high, which is exactly what our architect drew on the plans.
We will know if we are right in a few days time.

1 comment:

  1. Didn't Trevor leave nice square holes in the the wall for the the hoppers