Monday 6 January 2020


I have learned a new word recently - furrings.
Darren is actually making the furrings and I am staying well clear because they look extremely complicated.

Above is a close up view, and basically they are angled bits of wood that go on the roof joists and funnel rain water in the direction of the drain pipe.
Because we are having a flat roof then there is lots of angles and patterns involved and Daz was so engrossed in the project today that he worked right through his lunch break.

Trevor was busy laying lots of blocks and I spent the day shopping, ordering materials, tidying up and making tea - so a very productive day for everyone.


  1. Surely not, that would sound like fire-ings and you keep calling it fur-ings so I just put in an extra R to make it look nice.

  2. Firings 🔥
    Furrings 🦁
    Firrings 🏠