Tuesday 7 January 2020

Very useful hoist

The hoist has proved to be an invaluable addition to our scaffolding. It out did itself today helping to get our eight metre joists up on to the roof.

Daz and I carried the joists out on to the street and then attached one end to the hoist. Daz was at the top of the scaffolding and I was at the bottom and once it started rising I pushed it towards the house until it was resting on the top.
Daz then started pulling and I pushed until it was high enough to balance on the top.
The first time we tried it looked pretty dangerous and both Trevor and our lovely next door neighbour rushed to try to help.
It all worked out well in the end, although we did wait until the Health and Safety inspector had left the area before we finished the job.

Not too many joists left now, but before we can get them up we need a steel beam down the middle of the house.

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