Sunday 12 January 2020

Preparing for the crane

I forgot to mention a little drama that happened yesterday.
It was a windy day and I was up on the top floor taping floor joints, when suddenly a huge gust of wind charged over the roof.
The whole top row of breeze blocks that Trevor laid on Friday toppled over and tumbled on to the floor below.
I was amazed at the time, and today I went around tidying it all up. One block that fell off the top of the wall has made a hole in the floor and others have made dents.
I am sure that we can repair it and Trevor had told us a few times that breeze blocks are a bit unstable until they are fully dry, and tied in to the brickwork. He will have to rebuild it, but the forecast is for gales on Tuesday.
Today was very busy as we are preparing for the arrival of a crane tomorrow. We think that we are as ready as we can be, and thank you to Susan and Paul for helping us to disentangle one of our steel beams from the middle of our scaffolding.
We also made some progress with the plywood roofing project and Daz has set up a mini workshop on site.

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