Tuesday 28 January 2020

Final scaffold lift

This morning we had the final scaffold lift and its looking good. It is very high and I don't like it yet, but I was scared of the last lift and then got used to it after a few days, so hopefully I will be alright.

It's more important that Trevor is okay with it as he will be spending much more time up there than me.
Apart from the time when me and Daz fit the roof, but that's not yet so I will try not to think about it.
We had another big delivery today - the coping stones for the top of the parapet.
There are 58 large ones and they are very heavy.
We will need to hoist them to the top and it's another thing that I am not going to think about yet.
At the moment they are sitting on the pavement to the front of our plot and we have had to extend the fencing around them.

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