Friday 3 January 2020

Good drying day

Back on site today and the sun is out.
We had a surprise delivery of the plywood for our roof, and the driver managed to set it all down on our loading bay.

Apparently each sheet weighs over 30 kilos and we had to get it up on to the the top of the scaffolding.
Due to another double handling incident , see previous posts for explanation, we first had to move a stack of breeze blocks that was in the way, and then a whole pile of flooring before we could actually get started.
We then managed to find a technique where we both worked together to rest one edge of the railings then push it to the top, and then every time we got four boards up, we had to climb up to the top and drag them into place.
We managed 20 out of 35 today, and I am very happy with that.
We also did a good job drying out our giant tarpaulins from the top too.

Useful tip if you ever buy a tarpaulin - under no circumstances ever buy the biggest size because you will spend most of your time fighting with it, particularly if even the slightest breeze is blowing. Also, if by some miracle you do manage to cover anything up with it, all of the folds will fill with water and you and all of your clothes will get soaked every time you try to move it.

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