Sunday 17 October 2021

Arrived in Madeira

Our first day in Madeira, after an incident free and on time flight. Our hotel is just behind the famous Reids Palace and we arrived after dark. Our room was a good size, but we could glimpse outside and see that we were on the ground floor and surrounded by huge tree trunks.

When we awoke it was like being down in a dungeon, so I asked to change rooms. We are now on the first floor and have a view of a road and some tall trees, although we know that the sea is out there somewhere. I think that it is pushing it to call it a garden view though, and this wasn't even one of Darren's special deal holidays!

Anyway, Madeira is as lovely as ever, and the Flower and Wine Festivals are both on at the moment. Today we concentrated on the flower one first.

Not sure what happened to these flower fairies but their dresses were beautiful.

In fact the whole of the town was filled with girls in lovely outfits.

We eventually found out why, and they were all appearing in dancing shows throughout the day. 

Some of the music was surprising and this group danced a bit of tango, then Coldplay and eventually twisted off the stage to the sound of Chubby Checker.

Christiano Ronaldo is a huge presence on the island having been born and raised here. The airport is named after him, there is a hotel and museum called CR7, and of course there is the statue.

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