Sunday 17 October 2021


I only took a couple of photos today, but we have booked a lot of trips for the next two weeks, and so our holiday admin is sorted. 

This afternoon we did a bit of promenading and enjoyed the sunshine and seaside. 

All was going well until we took the low road while unknown to us, the route took the high one. We ended up on a little pier and I have drawn in our preferred route, but unfortunately it did not exist. 

So we retraced our steps and went shopping instead. 

Short on details today, but coming up as they say on the telly, is a catamaran trip to look for dolphins, bus tour of the west of the island, bus tour of the east, levada walk at 1,600 metres above sea level, trip to the Nun's Valley, glass walkway off a very high cliff and much, much more!! 

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