Monday 4 October 2021

Women's Tour of Britain

Exciting morning today. Susan and I set off to Bicester to join in a small way with the Women's Tour of Britain.

A few weeks ago we heard that the Tour was inviting women and girls to cycle ahead of the peloton for the first few kilometres of the race, so we quickly put our names down. 

We all met in Garth Park and then cycled round to the start on Sheep Street, where we had an excellent view of the riders as they were introduced to the crowd.

Then at 10.45am we set off slowly along the route. There was a big crowd and they cheered and took photos while we went past waving and having a good time.

The best bit was when we turned a corner and a whole school was on the pavement cheering us along, and it's a pity I couldn't get a photo, but it was really nice. 

Above us I noticed that the tour helicopter was on the move, which meant it must be 11am and that the real race was beginning. Darren was there to get the photos. 

We turned back in to the park, locked the bikes together and headed back to stand and cheer on the road, and then they were gone. 

They headed off to Banbury taking a very long route to get there and we cycled back home. 

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