Wednesday 20 October 2021

Not whale watching

This morning we went to the market to see the espada fish that we ate the other day.

Pretty unappetising, but actually very tasty.

We then had to dash over to the harbour for our midday whale and dolphin watching appointment. It was scheduled for three whole hours, but unfortunately no one had checked the whale's diaries. They met up with the 9am catamaran, but obviously had more important things to do, so didn't turn up for us to see them.

The tour guide stood on the roof of the catamaran and insists that she saw their splashes in the distance, but we tried to follow them and the sea got too rough.

Fortunately no one fell in, and I was okay for the first couple of hours, but then started getting queasy. By then the captain had given up and had driven near to the shore so that his passengers could go for a swim. I had totally planned to do this until I had a paddle yesterday and found out the sea temperature, so in the end we watched the other intrepid swimmers.

Three pm arrived and I was extremely glad to be back on land, and had a little afternoon lie down to recover. 

Sticking with the nautical theme we went out for dinner at a hotel with a restaurant, and the building was shaped like an ocean liner. 

Our table was right next to what looked like a ventilation funnel and I asked if it blew out smoke, but the waiter said that it was actually a decoration. We didn't go inside, but the bar looked just like the captain's bridge with a big steering wheel.

What a lovely meal that came to 30 euros including tip. There was a glass of madeira to start, then a whole fresh avocado and salad starter, beef skewers and round madeiran bread with a glass of wine for the main course, fruit salad and coffee, then a banana liqueur with the bill. Will definitely go back. 

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