Friday 22 October 2021

North Eastern bus trip

A normal start to the bus trip this morning. We went up some very steep and winding streets and arrived at a lovely viewpoint for a sophisticated coffee stop.

We got back on the bus and carried on upwards, and into the clouds that often hide the top of the mountains. The plan was to drive through the clouds and then above them to see the summit.

Unfortunately, nature had a different plan for us today and the clouds not only didn't disappear, but they started raining rather heavily on us. We couldn't see more than a few metres ahead and it was also very cold and windy by then.

We made a quick exit down the road to the next stop of Ribiero Frio, which means cold river.

We stopped at the trout farm for a look around and were then supposed to do a 45 minute levada walk, but the rain was so heavy that instead the bus took us straight to the next destination.

Santana has at least ten original Madeiran houses, and they are unbelievably cute.

For about twenty minutes all went well, we looked around the village and in the little houses, and were just thinking of finding a restaurant for lunch when the rain poured down again. After sheltering for a while, we then made it to a lovely restaurant and eaked our lunch out until it was time for the bus to leave.

Next stop was a good one, although I can't remember where it was. A great little walk around a promenade, although the views looked more like Scotland than Madeira today. 

It also had a rum factory with a tasting session that is always welcome. Final stop was a place called Machico, and our guide highly recommended the ice cream kiosk next to the bus stop. 

I look a little sad and puzzled in the last picture with my ice cream, and that is because it was a weird tasting cornet that I will not be choosing again!