Wednesday 27 October 2021

Achy legs, lazy day

We both woke up this morning with aching legs after our exertions of yesterday. We had already decided that today would be a lazy one, but that we would take a little stroll to the centre of Funchal.

On the way we walked through a beautiful garden with five huge and ancient olive trees as the centrepiece. 

There was a notice attached to one of the trees that explained that it was planted in about 300 bc in southern Portugal, and had grown there for about 2,300 years.

The Portuguese Government then decided to build a reservoir that would have flooded the olive grove, and to save the trees, five of them were transplanted in Funchal.

They are all looking healthy, and imagine moving 1,000 miles and settling down in a new place at the age of 2,321!

We then went into town for a cappuccino at the Ritz. Sadly it has no connection to the hotel of the same name in London, but it looked quite fancy and the coffee was lovely.

Afterwards we strolled past the Cathedral and it is celebrating its 500th anniversary, but that doesn't seem quite so impressive after seeing the trees.

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