Monday 12 October 2020

A new dining table

 First of all, happy birthday to my dad who is 91 today!

This morning we set off again to Oxford to pick up another Gumtree bargain, this time it is a John Lewis oak table for £30. We stopped at a very fancy detached house in the suburbs and the table is amazing. It also weighs a ton and we were worried about it surviving the journey home on the roof rack, but fortunately we pushed the front seats as far forward as we could and it fitted in the back.

It needs a bit of tlc, but is a lovely colour and has expanding leaves in the centre. 

I have also been checking on my houseplants that have all been living in the greenhouse for the summer. Most of them have loved it out there, but the nights are getting colder so I have brought them all inside. 

There are quite a few smaller plants as well that have already found new homes around the house, but the bigger ones are waiting for the decorating to be done before they are moved. 

Darren is now starting on the staircase and more wood is on order from the builders merchants, and I am spending most of my time painting anything that doesn't move. 

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