Wednesday 7 October 2020

Starting to unpack

 Today I put some wallpaper up in the bedroom, and now it is almost finished.

Unfortunately, we haven't sorted out the blinds yet so it is not very private. What we have realised is that as the door opens inwards, it means that the blinds will need to be really close to the ceiling, and there isn't enough clearance for them. What we will probably need to do is to hack into the plaster on the ceiling to make a few millimetres of space for the blind track. Annoying, but I am sure that we can sort it.

Darren has fitted the wardrobes and put in all of the shelves and hanging rails, so I am just starting to unpack at long last. 

And finally, a little complaint. Four days ago I put up my bird feeding station and I have still not seen a single bird on it. In fact, I have still not seen a bird in my garden, and I am most disappointed that the wagtails that nested in the garage are nowhere to be seen.

My patience is wearing thin, where are they all? 

1 comment:

  1. you can get blinds that fit on to the window rather than ceiling they might work better or something like that