Saturday 3 October 2020

New bedstead

 We have been discussing it for a while, and have decided that we need a new bedstead. Darren looked online and agreed to pay £10 to a guy in Oxford for a black curly one that looks as if it came from the film Bedknobs and broomsticks.

We drove over to collect it, and the sat nav took us the long way round, so a supposed 20 minute journey became 40 minutes in the pouring rain. 

When we got there we found out that the back doesn't come apart, and the reason that it had never been used was because it wouldn't fit round the stairs up to the bedroom of his house. Needless to say, it wouldn't fit in our car either, but we gave him the £10 and said that we would come back with the roof rack on the car.

We drove back home feeling a bit deflated, and spent at least half an hour in the rain putting the roof rack on the car. We also then found out that the new bed wouldn't fit between the bedside lights that had been so beautifully fitted on the wall.

Darren said that he would move them while I set off again to Oxford. (The lights are now dangling in the right places but a repair job is needed to the plasterwork.)

This time the traffic was terrible, but I got there, tied the bed to the roof rack and very gingerly set off back again. I was very worried because I didn't think that I had tied it on very well so was keen to get home. 

After a couple of miles the sat nav stopped working as I navigated a big busy roundabout, and it only started working after quite a few random stabs at it. However after going back round a couple of roundabouts I worked out that it was directing me back to the house in Oxford instead of going home.

Stopping again I reset it all and eventually arrived home with my prize. The whole trip took three and a half hours, and I returned feeling wet, cold and hungry. 

I just hope that our mattress fits and that we like it, although it does look interesting and we do like a change. 

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