Thursday 1 October 2020

Office furniture

 We had a quick break this afternoon and went to Oxford Office Furniture shop that is nearby. They had some amazing second hand bargains and we bought a groovy shaped desk that has an electric top. You just programme the height that you want and it magically raises up.

And up and up, if you want to turn it into a standing desk. 

We also bought two very comfy egg shaped chairs and a coffee table. 

We are probably going back next week to buy coat hooks, dining chairs and maybe a table. Darren is also keen to buy a strange orange seat called a saddle that you can sit on as if you are riding a horse. 

It's a shame that they don't sell beds as we could have furnished the whole house from them. 

Darren took some arty photos today of the bricks on the house for a brick colour website. I gatecrashed one of them, and it looks as if I have been kidnapped and am trying to escape.