Wednesday 14 October 2020

Grand afternoon out

 This afternoon we went to Milton Keynes and had a coffee in the B and Q cafe. 

It came with a discounted doughnut and seemed a real treat, but then we don't get out much. 

We also had a much better trip around Ikea than last time, and filled the car with goodies. Once back at the house we had a lovely time making cabinets and bookcases. 

It was greatly improved by the addition of a glass or two of cherry brandy, and then we sat in Darren's new office and checked out his new hifi. 

Unfortunately, one of the cabinets that we built is 600mm wide and it seems that the gap we have made for it is only about 597mm, but we are going to have another look tomorrow and see if it will somehow jam itself in. 

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