Monday 19 October 2020

What a lot of rooms

We are right into decorating mode, and we have never owned a four bedroom house before, so there is a lot of space to fill. 

We only need one bedroom between us, so we also have a spare bedroom, an office and a gym.

The office is almost complete and the super fancy, plug in levitating desk arrived today. 

Probably not the best photos of it, but Darren has already moved in and it is now covered in officy stuff. 

The 'gym' room is slightly overselling it, but it will have my lovely exercise bike in there. I have already painted the walls and our cycling posters are up. 

Hopefully they will spur me on to greater heights over the coming winter. We are going to put in the sit up bench that we never use and a big bouncy space hopper type thing, as long as I can blow it back up again. (I had to deflate it for the house move.)

We also have two pilates mats, so that should fill it up nicely. 

The spare room is still a work in progress, but the bed is on order so I will show it soon. 

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