Sunday 8 March 2015

La Panadera hiking trail

I consulted Viewranger today and found a hiking route that started from the fishing village about 5kms from our campsite.
It all looked nice and easy on the map. We just needed to start off close to the coast and walk in an almost straight line along it, apart from one very zig zaggy section that even I realised would be hilly. At the furthest point we would reach a small road that we had to follow for a short distance, then head off left and then another almost straight journey back.
I have got the hang of contours on a map, but I didn't check them today as I got a bit misled by the straight looking paths. I was surprised then that our outward journey was very similar to a roller coaster, except much slower as we had to walk the crazy route.
The only other people we saw all day were three fell runners making good progress in the opposite direction. The land was very dry with spikey plants that cut Darren's bare legs, but at one point we walked through a valley with loads of unusual greenery. I said to Daz that it looked like Jurassic Park, and that I wouldn't be surprised to see a dinosaur heading towards us. Daz said that if one really did appear then he thought that I would actually be very surprised, and after thinking about it, he was probably right.
As you can guess from the lack of photos, the T Rex's stayed hidden from sight as we passed through.
Once we turned around at the half way point, and much to my relief, the path stayed quite flat for most of our journey home, with just a very long downhill bit towards the end.
My step counter registered 27,703 steps today and we climbed about 700 metres, making it a much more energetic day than I was expecting.

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