Sunday 1 March 2015


We drove along the coast today to a little village on the top of a hill called Mojacar. We had a look around and it was very nice, but I couldn't get a good distance shot of it without a helicopter.  However, there was good views from it and in it, and it appeared that the whole village was full of bars, restaurants and cafes.
Our campsite is pretty lovely today and we are perched in the bottom right hand corner of pic 3. The weather is also at its best and we have made a start on the sun tan.
We are having a great time in Spain, there is so much to see and do and we have only covered one small corner of the country.
In a rare departure for this blog, I will try to give some useful information that may inspire you to visit either us, or the country.
Firstly accommodation - campsites usually cost around £12 per night, although most offer discounts if you stay for a week or longer. For that you get electricity, showers and toilets, water, sometimes wifi and the security of being with other, very friendly people.
Transport - we never move very far as there is so much to see.  We average about 10 miles per day by campervan, although we do it in hops every few days. It costs an average of £2 per day in petrol, £3 including insurance.
Food, drink and excursions - we visit a cafe or restaurant nearly every day and go on an outing every day. We easily get by on around £20 per day and that includes all meals and some very tasty drinks.
That totals £35 per day which is much less than we expected, but that doesn't include new clothes, shoes, phones, repairs, etc.
Obviously, that also doesn't include costs for the campervan. We have seen every type and price range imaginable, from ancient rust buckets to enormous top of the range monsters. Ours falls somewhere in the middle although it is shorter than the average, which is handy when trying to park in tight spaces.
Maybe you could try this amazing lifestyle too.......

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