Thursday 5 March 2015

Bellavista, Aguilas

Yesterday, it was really misty and our new campsite, called Bellavista, seemed mis-named. 
We walked into the town of Aguilas for the afternoon and I had read that there was a castle on the top of a hill. However,  although we knew where it was, we just couldn't see it through the haze.
Today was so different, the sun was shining, we could see where we were and we were back in business. 
We set off on our bikes and went to the castle. We had the place to ourselves and stood next to huge cannons taking in the view. Picture two is of one of the bays at Aguilas with a huge rock in the distance - our main destination for the day.
We then cycled along the coast to the rock, and found a very sleepy town called Calabardina at its base. There was only one bar open and it was right on the beach. All of the four tables were full so the owner dragged out a couple more and we sat down for lunch.
It was a very fishy restaurant - they didn't even serve chips - but the wine was good. I know that I should be a more adventurous eater, but Spanish seafood can be very scary.
After lunch, my plan was for us to climb to the top of the rock. We set off uphill and it got really, really steep. Eventually we lost the path and climbed on all fours over the rocks to get to the very top. It was difficult, but the views were fantastic, and in pic 4 you can see the beach way down below where we had lunch.
Very good day out yet again.

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