Wednesday 18 March 2015

Rainy day in Spain

It rained heavily overnight and is due to be wet for the next few days.
We weren't too keen on hiking in the mountains in the rain, so decided to drive back to Cabo de Gata.
It is a semi desert and is supposed to be the driest place in Europe.
We were told by a knowledgeable chap in the campsite bar tonight that it rains here on about ten days per year, and today was one of them.
We arrived here in the late afternoon and the sun was just starting to put in an appearance, so we walked down to the see the coast.
I was expecting a cute little beach, but instead we reached the top of a cliff.  The rocks were very dramatic, in beautiful cream, orange and brown colours. The sea had eroded them into amazing shapes, with the base being carved out and long rock fingers pointing out towards the horizon.

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