Monday 16 March 2015

Walk in the woods

We drove up into the mountains behind the coast today and have ended up at a place called El Berro. It is 650 metres above sea level and noticeably colder than at the coast.
It is within the Sierra Espuña national park and we found a 10km hike that started right outside the campsite, so off we went to explore this afternoon.
We were trying to follow the yellow and white route, and sometimes there was markers every few metres, but then at one stage we lost them for ages, so we started thinking that we must be lost. Eventually they reappeared and then changed to red and white on the journey back.
It was a nice walk, but as Darren said,  "too many trees and not enough danger".
Speaking of danger, I put my hiking boots on today due to an incident a couple of days ago. We were taking a shortcut through some waste ground in the last town and all of a sudden a snake shot out of nowhere. It whizzed past my toes and I just had time to swear really loudly and jump in the air.
Honestly, it was about a metre long, but thin and grey. I have just looked it up online and it was a Montpellier snake, and it is one of the five poisonous snakes in Spain, so I was lucky not to get bitten.
We did see some good wildlife in the woods today - about half a dozen Barbary sheep who glared at us suspiciously and then wandered away out of sight.

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