Saturday 29 November 2014


Another dramatic beach walk today.
We went in the opposite direction to yesterday and found an interesting cliff top walk. There was a lot of erosion and Daz is looking quizzical in pic 2. It turns out that I was standing on a cliff edge where the underneath had been completely washed away.
I didn't know, he didn't tell me, but I survived!
It was a very nice viewpoint and we read on a noticeboard, that at the right time of the year, 10,000 European spoonbills pass by on their winter trip to Africa.
Unfortunately, it wasn't the right time, so that fact is completely irrelevant.
We carried on to the pretty town of Roche. It had a beautiful beach, and lots of fancy clifftop houses, and some of them were definitely a little too close to the edge.
We made it a round trip back to the campsite, 14k and almost 21,000 steps.

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