Friday 7 November 2014

Virtual lunch at elBulli

ElBulli was until recently voted the best restaurant in the world, although it has now closed.  It's head chef, Ferran Adria, made food that was cutting edge, complicated and just plain weird.
He served tasting menus with many, many courses, and today was my chance to almost experience them.
We went to an exhibition about Adria, unfortunately only in Spanish, that explained all about his techniques. It was all getting bit difficult to follow until I found a table that was ready for lunch.
I sat down and a video background of elBulli restaurant played behind me. The meal was videoed on to the table from above, and it seemed as if I was really there.
Each course was served by an invisible waiter and then I could see the diners hands as they ate the food. They were lifting it to their mouths, and it was almost as if I was eating it as well!
Really, really weird but very interesting, although I watched loads of courses and couldn't recognise a single ingredient.
For real lunch we went to the fantastic San Miguel Market where we wandered around looking at all of the stalls, drank Vermouth and snacked on olives and cheese.

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