Monday 24 November 2014


Cadiz is quite a small city that is crammed onto the end of a peninsula at the head of a large bay. We can see the city from the beach outside our campsite and we caught a ferry there for the day.
Cadiz is famed for the way it glows white in the intense southern light, and it didn't disappoint us today, as the sun shone brightly all day.
The city was busy with tourists because three cruise ships were already docked by the time our little ferry dropped us off.
We had to muscle our way through the crowd to get a very quick shot of the Plaza next to the port, before they closed in all around us.
We then went for a wander around the coastline, and within 10 minutes it was quiet and calm again, with no sign of the other tourists.
I did manage to find a new friend though, who was keen to photo bomb my landscape shots.
To finish off the day we sat outside a bar with a glass of Tio Pepe, admired the cathedral and listened to the buskers singing Flamenco.

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