Saturday 15 November 2014

Flamenco in Seville

We met our friends Tim and Vicky for wine and tapas at lunchtime, and then we were off for a march around the Alcazar - a huge castle in the centre of Seville. We had a rubbish map that no one quite got to grips with, but had a lovely time looking at the grand rooms, enclosed courtyards,  exotic gardens and fancy tile displays.
We then had a stop for more wine and tapas before heading to the highlight of the day - a top rated flamenco show.
We were very keen so got there nice and early and bagged front row seats, although we thought it strange that everyone else was avoiding them.
The show started with just a guitarist and singer, and within a few seconds the guitarist looked in great pain and the singer was wailing at the top of his voice and looked ready to burst into tears. We were only a few feet away from them and I started to giggle. I was trying to hide my mouth behind my hands, but fortunately they both had their eyes screwed tightly shut, so I think I got away with it.
After a very long time the song came to a sudden end and then a lady dancer appeared. She was right at the front of the stage, so within touching distance of us. She stamped so loud and dramatically, sweeping up and down the stage at brakeneck speed, swinging her dress, swirling her arms and clapping her hands. She was incredible to watch, her feet were tapping so quickly that they were a blur, then suddenly she came to a dead stop.
When she started again it was really slowly, tracing circles on the stage in front of us with her red dancing shoes. It was up close and very personal, quite disconcerting really. 
All too soon she had finished and then a tall, dark and handsome male dancer took to the stage. He strutted and leapt majestically, just inches from our noses.
After it was over we were all a bit gobsmacked, none of us were sure if we had enjoyed it, but it was certainly memorable.

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