Sunday 16 November 2014

Walking tour of Seville

Good day out today in gorgeous sunshine. We joined a walking tour and tramped around with a big group of English speakers, including Tim and Vicky. Unfortunately, they look as if they are trying to creep away from us in the photo, but they didn't escape and we stuck with them all day.
We learned a lot about Seville and maybe the local guide was a bit biased, but it was a very, very important city, with loads and loads of history. Hard facts escape me at the moment, but it was all very interesting.
We enjoyed yet another excellent tapas and wine lunch and then spent the afternoon looking around the cathedral.
The tower used to be a Muslim tower that was over 100 metres tall and was used five times a day to call the faithful to prayer. At one time the caller was very old and struggled to climb to the top, so the stairs were replaced with a ramp so that he could ride up and down on a donkey.
It was a very busy ramp, with no sign of any modern day donkeys on it, and we joined the throng heading to the top and got some great views of the city.
Back down in the cathedral we found the tomb of Christopher Columbus, who appeared to be carried by four large warriors. It seemed to be the tradition to pat the front two soldiers feet, so not wanting to miss out I gave one of them a good polish - hopefully for luck.

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