Thursday 6 November 2014

Long day in Madrid

We caught a bus to Madrid today and set off on a marathon sightseeing session.
Firstly we saw the statue of Miguel Cervantes and his creation Don Quixote with his servant Pancho - the pair from the windmills post a few days ago.
Then we obeyed the order in a guidebook and took a photo of me standing in front of the statue of a bear feeding on a strawberry tree. Not sure why, as there was lots of other things to photograph, but the instructions were very clear.
We also went to the top of the dome of the Cathedral de la Almudena to enjoy the views of the city and beyond.
We carried on for hours, stopping briefly for pizza, then wine, etc, etc. We finally got home just before 10pm so I think we might be due a lazier day tomorrow.

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