Sunday 1 November 2015


Spain is twice as big as the UK, and with much fewer people living in it. It is not surprising then that you can travel for miles and miles through almost deserted, but beautiful countryside.  Incredibly you can then suddenly be faced with amazing sights.
This happened today when we arrived at Avila. The walls are almost 1,000 years old, so just imagine what people must have thought then. Mind you, I think that they must have recently been refurbished as they are in stunning condition, and it looks almost as if the repointing hasn't fully dried out yet.
Perhaps it is my age, but I was also very pleased at the handrails that someone had thoughtfully installed on the steps as some of them were almost knee high and it was a long, slightly scary climb to the top of the towers.
The wall is completely intact and it is 2.5kms long, although you can only walk around about half of it.
There are 88 towers, nine gates and it is the largest fully illuminated monument in the whole world!

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