Tuesday 3 November 2015

Ciudad Rodrigo

This morning we drove south west from Salamanca and are now very close to the border with Portugal. We are the only residents at our campsite in the little town Ciudad Rodrigo. 
Just along the road is a verraco. Verracos are cute pig or bear shaped statues that are scattered around the countryside in this area. They are almost 2,500 years old and were carved by people called the Vettones. Nobody is sure what their purpose was, but they have nice smiley faces, like being cuddled and definitely don't bite. 
We crossed a bridge that was originally built by the Romans, then walked up to a gate with a drawbridge and then into the town. The town itself is also ancient and is completely surrounded by high walls.
In 1812 the Duke of Wellington, as part of the Napoleonic Peninsula War, laid seige to the town and then broke straight through the walls in two places before taking control. The cathedral was hit by cannonballs and it still shows the damage today.
Ciudad Rodrigo is yet another place that is full of history, beautiful buildings and bars with excellent wine and tapas.
Ps, my last few blogs have been lacking in facts, so I have made a bit more effort today.

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