Saturday 14 November 2015

Relaxing days

We arrived at El Puerto de Santa Maria a week ago and we were planning on staying for two or three days. Well a week has now gone by, we are still here and not planning on leaving for a while.
It is a lovely relaxing place with so much to do. It helps a lot that the weather is grand and should stay that way for the next week.
The oranges are ripening around the town and the local caf├ęs make great juice. They are also really cheap and we have found a favourite where we often stop for breakfast. The first time that I ordered in Spanish it was a bit stressful with a lot of arm waving, but the owner recognises us now and just smiles at us and starts making it. Obviously, we can't try anything different.
Daz went for a run along the promenade this morning and we have just had a little paddle in the sea. It was pretty cold and I made a lot of noise getting in as deep as my ankles. Meanwhile, three mahogany tanned pensioners from our campsite waded straight in. By the time I turned round they were quietly floating around on their backs, looking like shiny bikini clad turtles.
It's a skill that I don't think I will ever acquire.

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